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Cute bento #40: Hijab Girl Bento

Okay, I know this bento is out of Chinese New Year theme context, but I have a good reason for it. It’s my first order! malu
Actually I didn’t sell my bento, I only made it for my self, my family and my friends. But my older sister keeps telling everyone that it can be ordered. She promoting my bento to her friend by giving them link to my blog. Nee chan (Japanese language for older sister) told me that after giving my blog link one of her friend screaming “Oh my God, it’s so cute!!!” when she saw my blog, hihihi ihikhik.

I was a bit surprised when nee chan said that her friend ordered a bento, because I didn’t expect that anyone would seriously buy my bento. She told in the evening…and the bento was for tomorrow morning! I quickly asked is there any food or vegetables that she (the buyer) doesn’t want to eat and if she has a request. Thank God she just leaves it up to me.

So I open the refrigerator, check-check-check, and decide that the menus are salted rebon (dried tiny shrimp) fried rice, boiled broccoli, tamagoyaki, chicken nugget stick and strawberry. I love something personal, and because my buyer wearing a jilbab/hijab I made a girl wearing jilbab/hijab as the decoration. I also made her name from Japanese letters (katakana), can anyone read it?

I’m so happy knowing that the buyer pleased with the result. And what makes me happier is on the next day my friend ordered 30pcs onigiri! Too bad I was too busy so that I didn’t have time to take some picture. But it was pretty success too!

Ja, yoi ichinichi o! (Have a nice day!)

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4 komentar:

tatabonita (y-rahmasari) mengatakan...

Yihiiiii, congrats ya Syl! Sukses2 jadi pengusaha bentonya ya hehehehe :D. Gak salah pelanggannya happy, abis bentonya cantik bgt ^^

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ tatabonita (y-rahmasari): Hihihi, makasih mbak. Belum pengusaha lah...cuma iseng-iseng sambil nunggu surat kelulusan keluar ^^

Kids Dream Work mengatakan...

Congrat Sysyl!! I would be extremely happy with the bento too if I am the buyer! I miss so many super adorable of yours, must take time to catch up! :)

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Kids Dream Work: Thank you so much Ai Ping :) Can't wait to see yours ^^

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