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Cute Bento #50: Penguin Bento

I love this bento so much!!! pucca_love_17
I love it because the lighting is great!!!pucca_love_10 For your info, I didn’t do any light editing in this photo (like I usually did). I only add my logo and my blog’s address. Do you want to know the secret of this great lighting? Psst…don’t tell anybody…because...I took the picture on my house roof sengihnampakgigi. Hahaha, can you imagine! Thank God I made it on time, because after that the sky is getting dark and then raining heavily capek.
The penguin design is inspired by Mayoko’s bento. I copy her idea because I never make onigiri that fully wrapped by nori before, so I think I’ll give it a try. When I made this bento I find out two things, first to make a fully wrapped onigiri is not as hard as I think and the second, rice + salt + nori is the best combination ever!!! This is my first time making this kind of onigiri and I definitely will make it again later.
Inside the box: penguin onigiri (decorated by carrot, hardboiled egg and nori), stir fry broccoli, crab nugget and strawberry.
Ja, itadakimasu! Have a nice week end bento pals! pika21

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