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Cute bento #30: Cannon Bolt Bento

Cannon Bolt Bento!

Cannon Bolt is one of the aliens in Ben10. I made this bento for my brother as a present for his good grades at math. I got rather frustrated when I was helping him studying math last night. There was one number that he couldn't understand although I had been trying very hard making it clear to himpika14. Can you imagine, while I was doing that, I was also doing my school assignment pika17. But after a while finally he got it. And guess what? That question was in his test this morning, exactly the same as the one he studied last night. When he got home, he proudly told me that he could do the test, the one that he thought was very difficult.
My brother Sam was very happy to see the bento I made specially for him. But when he saw it he immediately knew that there was something missing there. Can you find it? That's right, I forgot to make the Omitrix Ben 10 logo on the head of Cannon Bolt.
The menus of this bento are; fried rice with dried shrimps, crab nugget, sweet corn and broccoli. The fried rice was yummy but too bad it wasn't for me. Actually I also wanted to have some, but I didn't feel like cooking again. Here is the picture when he’s eating bento.

Ja, itadakimasu!

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6 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

wow..ben10 alien force,Cannon it. Great nori cutting skills, dear. So nice..hmm...I want too...hehe.

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Emily Ng: Thank you, I love it too. Unfortunately we can not do bento exchange :D

Kids Dream Work mengatakan...

Really great job done! Love the Cannon Bolt! I didn't even realized the Omnitrix logo was not there! :)

yunitarahmasari aka tatabonita mengatakan...

Kesabaran kamu motong nori emang patut diacungi jempol Sysyl :D

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Kids Dream Work: Thank you Ai Ping! I didn't realize either, until my lil bro said it :D

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Tatabonita: thanks for your sweet comment mbak! :D

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