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I will not post any bento today. But I’d like to share my happiness because yesterday I got two awards in a row! Yatta! pika21

The first award is “Stylish Blogger Award” from mbak Lina.

And the second one is “Versatile Blogger Award” from mbak Yenny.

Thank you so much for the awards! I admire their passion in cooking and bentoing. Although they are mothers with lots of thing to do but still have time (and the commitment) to make cute bentos! I hope I will have that kind of passion even after I am married someday. pika20

I never got any kind of blog award before, so this was my first time. These two awards require similar follow up ;

1. To thank and link back to those who gave you the award.

2. To share 7 things about yourself.

3. To pass it along to 15 blogs you've recently found and enjoyed.

4. To leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

7 things about my self…Hmmm, let’s see…

1. I used to be a tomboy girl men who liked to fight, even with boys who were bigger than me. I don’t know exactly when I started to love cute things and pink color (which I hated before). I think my older sister, who is feminine and born to be feminine, has given me a “girly poison” on my 17th birthday, hahaha.

2. Though I’m a tomboy girl I like cooking very much. I started cooking when I was little…I think when I was in kinder garden…at that time I was around 4 years old pika26

3. I’m a control freak and a little bit obsessive compulsive. Everything I do has to be organized and neat. I get easily irritated by something that is not in order. But knowing this “disease”, I train myself to loosen up a little bit. pucca_love_01

4. I can’t be under pressure! In that kind of situation I’ll be freezing and can’t do anything…or yelling loudly to loose the tension. pucca_love_11

5. I love Japan! Their food, their style, their culture, music, drama, celeb, everything! Especially Junnosuke Taguchi and Kazuya Kamenashi, from a Japanese boy band KATTUN. Can’t stop screaming everytime I watch their concert video! pika18

6. My dreams are to go to Japan, to marry a Japanese guy, then to live happily ever after! Hahaha…

7. I can spend the whole day in front of my computer, because my computer is placed in front of my bed. So I can sit on my bed, facing the monitor for a loooonnnggg time and just go to sleep whenever I get tired in one spot. Looovvvveeee this spot so much!

Phew! Finally these are the bloggers that deserve to get the award:

For the Love of Bento (Versatile Blogger Award)

Mommy of twins (Stylish Blogger Award)

Bonita’s Cooking and Bento Wonderland


Ohayou Bento

Anna C – Life Is A Blessing

Mothering Corner

Sonoma Bento

Kid’s Dream, Your Dream


Cute Obento

Bento Mania

Happy Little Bento

爱。魅力 » 爱。开心便当のSPAM Sandwiches

Hawai’i’s Bento Box Cookbook, Bento and More for Kids

Adventures in Bentomaking: Bento Lunches by Pikko

*These blogger deserve both awards, except the first and the second blogger

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16 komentar:

Emily Ng mengatakan...

Thanks so much for the awards. :)

nyai dachimah mengatakan...

congrats yak sysyl.
berbakat banget deh, pasti jadi istri dan ibu yg baik.

wah metamorfosis lo dr cewek tomboy menjadi cewek penyuka pink bagaikan metamorfosis avril lavigne. hohoho

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Emily Ng: You are welcome deserve it, I always enjoy reading your blog and see your bento :)

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ nyai dachimah: arigatou m(^.^)m hahaha, kalo avril kayaknya dy itu girly-tomboy-trs girly lg deh :D

Just a MOM (Lina) mengatakan...

Thanks a lot for the award!!! I am honored.
It was nice to learn more about you ... and never would've thought that you were once a tomboy girl

Susan Yuen mengatakan...

Thanks so much! Love your site it is so cute! :)

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ mbak Lina: Hahahaha...You're welcome mbak!

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Susan Yuen: Thank you, i love your site too...i learn a lot from you :)

OhayoBento mengatakan...

Thank you! You are so sweet!! :)

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ OhayoBento: My pleasure :)

anna2003 mengatakan...

terima kasih sysyl. i am honoured. (^,*)

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ anna2003: You're welcome Karen :)

dhecuacat mengatakan...

(baca komen dachi)

(sekarang komen dari gue)
kalo bikin2 masakan jepang yang bkn bento bisa ga syl? bikinin itu dong, nasi pake lauk yang katanya disiram sama ocha.
Lupa namanya,,
Waktu itu dachi pernah mesen makanan itu dan menurut gue enak,,tapi ocha-nya ga kerasa lho :D

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ dhecuacat: wah baru tau loh gw ada makanan jepang kaya' gitu. teh hijaunya sih gw ada. kalo tau nama makanan-nya tar gw coba cari resepnya. kalo lo yg mau cari resepnya jg gpp :D

yunitarahmasari aka tatabonita mengatakan...

Sysyl............. Mochas gracias darling :D. Aku ambil yak awardnya :D. Btw, Sysyl kayaknya Japanese freak tingkat akut yaaa hehehehe ^^v

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ tatabonita: douitashimashite (sama-sama)... :D hahaha, aku belum akut kok mbak. masih banyak yang lebih akut *ngeles

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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