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Cute Bento #53: Temari Bento


Sorry for breaking my promise and didn’t post anything last week. I decide to change my internet provider at home so last week I’ve stopped the old ISP but haven’t started to use a new one.

 This week was quiet tough for me...before I have 3 people in my team including me, but one of my friend is transferred to another division and the company haven’t found someone else to replace her position. So the job that usually done by 3 people should be done just by the two of us. Moreover, I also not in good condition. But after take a good rest my condition is getting better :D

I promised to make this bento over a year ago to my “friend”…well…when I promised to him, he still my friend… :D

The character inside the bento called Temari from Shugo Chara anime. I don’t know a lot about this anime, but he like this character so much so that I try my best to make this character.

Temari, hiragana character (read: temari) and other decoration was made by flour sheet and tasteless. Why flour sheet? Hmm…it’s a silly reason…because actually I ran out of eggs :D

Inside the box: rice, pakcoy and sweet corn sautéed with oyster sauce, chicken nugget, strawberry and kiwi.

Have a nice week end and itadakimasu!   

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