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Cute Bento #55: Sheep Bento

Another week end!!! How are you doing?

I feel so happy this week since I’m able to buy what I’m looking for a long time. I was looking for a stainless and a wooden lunch box. I know I can find it easily in any online store, but the price is quiet expensive. Lucky me, mbak Tata from Bonita’s Cooking and Bento Wonderland told me that the wooden lunch box is available in Ace Hardware. Next day in the morning I called Ace Hardware immediately, and also send them an email to ask which branch that sells that product. Because I went there before but I didn’t find any wooden lunch box.
After I got the information, I went there after office hour. I thought I got double lucky ‘cause I also found the stainless lunch box but I got triple lucky because in that branch almost all product were at sale!!! so I got the stainless and the wooden lunch box for 20% off. Ureshii  (▽≦) やった          

You can also see that this blog is changing it face!
After struggling with HTML code for about a month, here I proudly present the new blog template :D
Well, I didn’t make this template, I downloaded this for free in then do a lil modification. As I mention before, since I’m not an expert I need a lot of time just to do lil changing…So happy finally I could launch this new look.    

Back to bento, today’s bento called “Sheep Bento” inspired by Akinoichigo’s Bento (you can see her blog in my Cute Bento Blog list).
Inside the box: Rice decorated with nori, sausages and soy sauce (for the face), chiken nugget, sautéed broccoli and sausages.

Happy week end guys…and itadakimasu!!!     

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4 komentar:

tatabonita (y-rahmasari) mengatakan...

Congrats Syl for the new boxes :D. The new layout is totally adorable, love it :k:

Cute Little Bento mengatakan...

Hai Sysyl, I am Sie ,,I like your sheep bento, so cute (^^,)

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ tatabonita: Thank you...! I love it too... :k:

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Cute Little Bento: Hi Sie, thank you for visit my blog. It inspired by Akinoichigo's bento, love her creativity :d:

I just drop in your blog and I love what you doin' there... :h:

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