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Cute Bento #54: Happy Kuma bento


Can’t believe it’s already Sunday :(

Lately I easily get sick. Earlier this week I am still recovering from flu and Friday I’ve got a pretty severe cold. I think it not only because of the weather but also I'm a kind of person who cannot be “quiet” , sleeping all day long and do bed rest :D
By the way, I passed the Japanese Language first level with pretty good score. Yokatta… my effort to keep study even when I still got fever was not useless \(^o^)/

Right now I was busy modifying a new blog template. Yup, I’m going to change this blog’s template. Dwelling with HTML code really takes a lot of time and energy. Since I’m not an expert I keep making mistakes. But it feels really satisfying when I finally make it work, even with a lot of try and errors. I still dwelling with it…mmm…and maybe I’ll ask my friend who are more expert to help me. Just wait for the launching :D

Bento menu: Fried rice, fried calamari, sautéed broccoli and carrot.

Ja, itadakimasu and have a nice week end ^o^)/

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