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Green Tea Choco Balls

Konbanwa…or should I say Ohayou, hehehe…

Minna genki?

Lately I can’t hide my happiness because I successfully reach my diet target. My weight has increased 4 kg since I worked in the new office.  Well…I have to admit that I’m a lil bit body obsessed because actually my target was to lose 6 kg, but after losing 3 kg I think I’ll be too skinny if I lost another kilos. So 158cm/43kg I think that’s not too bad :D

Another update about my bento life :D, because I can only make Bento at weekends, so I try to at least make a Bento every week. But I managed to make two Bento this week. Isn’t it great?! It’s not easy to make Bento if you don’t have any idea about the design and the menu. Thank God I have you guys, my Bento pals, who always share creative idea, tips and menu to put in a Bento.

I really impressed with Bento Master, such as Akinoichigo, who never seems to run out ideas to make her Bento looks adorable. I learn from her that an adorable bento doesn’t always have to be a very complex and difficult bento to made. Sometimes a simple design is enough to make a beautiful bento. I also have to admit that lately I copy her idea to make bento, specially the character. But her bento still more cute and neat compare to mine XD.

Today I don’t post any Bento. This is the picture of sweets from “Rum Balls” recipe that I modified: “Green Tea Choco Balls”. I just substitute the rum into green tea powder, coat it with white chocolate and then decorate it with heart sprinkle. It taste so yummy yet easy to make :D

Ja, itadakimasu!         

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