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Cute Bento #51: Snoopy Bento

Dear Bento Pals…!!!
How are you doing? I’m glad that finally I came back from my looonnnggg hiatus (^o^)/
Shibaraku desune…Can’t believe how fast time goes by. It’s been a year since I post my last Bento.
A lot of things happened in this past one year. Previously I worked in a bank, but since July I work in one of the internet service provider company in Jakarta. I also finally able to buy a camera with my own money…well…although it’s still a pocket camera, but I am quite satisfied with the camera shots. Another story from me, it has nothing to do with bento but I was very pleased that I’ve start taking Japanese language course since February and at this end of months I will have final test for the first basic level. Wish me luck ^^)!
Well, I think that’s enough about me. I’ll try very hard to keep making and posting bento from now on… :D
This Snoopy Bento was made when I was still working in a Bank. The menu is quite simple since I have to make it in the morning. I put the rice in the bottom, and the toppings are homemade crab nugget, Snoopy quail egg, stir-fry broccoli and carrots and one piece of strawberry.
Ja, itadakimasu. Have a nice week end…!!!

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