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Green Tea “Frog” Cookies

Finally a new post…!

How’s your week end?

Sorry I’ve been disappeared these past few weeks. Due to Idul Fitri, my maid was going home for couple weeks, therefore my sister and I were doing all the housework. Actually there are not a lot since we share the job, but it was enough to suck all my bentoing and baking energy without a trace. My first plan is I was going to spend my holiday to make cookies, pudding, etc. But only to think the mess that I have to clean up, I immediately choose remove that idea.

Anyway, this week I’m very very very happy…I know it seems a little exaggerating, but I do very happy. So as I mentioned before in my post here, I bought a camera a couple months ago. But actually the camera that I bought was not the one that I really want. Well you know, it usually happened…when you want to buy something, let say camera A and then the shopkeeper says “You know, the camera B is actually better than camera A, because bla bla bla…” you got persuaded, you bought camera B and then you regret it…yup that was exactly happened to me -_-“

At that time I was planning to buy Canon A810 because it’s cheap and yet have quite a lot of feature that I need (and want). When I went to the shop the shopkeeper said brand “P” is better, because I was an amateur on camera (until now) I believed what she said and without think twice I bought the camera that she recommend. When I tried it, I think it’s not bad though it doesn’t have macro mode.

The problem came when my mom got birthday present from my old sis and it was Canon A810. When I tried it, I just fell in love with it. At the very moment I decided to sell camera “P”. Luckily my lil sis is good at selling things online, so I ask her to help me. And as expected from her, the next day my camera was sold with good price!

While waiting for payday to buy the new camera (this time I promise myself that I only going to buy Canon A810, no more other choices) I did a lil online research about the price of the camera, hard case and memory. So finally I bought the camera that I dreamed of, even cheaper than my old camera (though it was already include the memory and the hard-case)!

I named it “Mas Kuro”. “Mas” is a call that comes from Javanese language for older brother and “Kuro” is from “Kuroi” which is Japanese language for black. It’s a silly name, but I love to call it that way :D

So, this picture is my very first cookies, Green Tea “Frog” Cookies, and I got the recipes from here. In the original recipes the cookies is round shape and half coated with white chocolate, but since it’s green I tried to do a lil modification so I shape and décor it as “frog”. Thank God it’s edible, though it’s not too crunchy because I whisk the butter too long. But overall it tastes good and looks cute ^^

Ja, itadakimasu!         

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