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Cute Bento #59: Tare Panda

Konbanwa…! (^o^)/
Minna genki?

Today is Sunday…and tomorrow will be Monday…Monday means back to work…
Kyaaaaa~  \(x_x)/

Gosh, time goes by very fast…I think it was yesterday but in fact it was last week…

As I mentioned before, I got very excited in baking, I haven’t made any bento this past two weeks. I spent those weekends to bake some cookies, I’ll post it someday. So today’s bento is from my bento picture collection, called “Tare Panda Bento”. Find this cute character on Google and immediately inspired to made one since the shape is quite simple :D

Menu: Tare Panda Onigiri decorated with nori and cheese, fried chicken-sausages-broccoli, strawberry and persimmon.

Ja minna, ashita wa getsuyoubi desukara isshouni ganbarimashou! (^o^)/

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