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Cute Dumpling (Bak Pao)

Minna konbanwa (^o^)/

How’s your week end?

I’ve been dying wanting to make dumplings (Bak Pao) that modified to looks cute. But, I’ve never made bakpao before so I decided to make it from instant flour. I just have to add cold water and knead the dough until smooth. I put fried cut sausages and grated cheese for the filling, add some decoration, and it’s done!

The first picture was before it steamed. Here’s the picture when it was being steamed. I can’t take the picture closer because I’m afraid my camera will be cooked as well ^^

And this is the result!

I took the picture that looks like a scene too, the panda pao blushing because he’s surrounded by a lot of cute piggy. (I only add blushes with photoshops in this picture) 


Lately I’m also very interested in baking. Even though I had successfully made a mess with four portions of cake, I won’t give up. Well…I haven’t bake since my fourth failure, but I will start to enter the world of baking by trying cookies. The first recipes that I really want to try is green tea white cookies, because the recipes looks easy and I have imagine I can modify it and make it looks cute ^^
I didn’t have any baking tools before, so I have to buy oven, baking tray, etc. I bought the oven out of my town, from one of my online friend in Natural Cooking Club (NCC). Thank God it arrived safely ^^

Ja minna. Have a nice week end!

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6 komentar:

tata | bonitafood mengatakan...

*koreksi dikit: filling, Syl hihihii ^^v
Btw, your paos look sooo cute. It's been a long time that I never made paos again. I've to make sure that these cute ones are in my to-do-cute-cooking list :D

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ tata|bonitafood: :f: iyaaa bener...maap...udah tak ralat yaaahhh...

makasiiii :k:

can't wait to see yours :h:

Cute Little Bento mengatakan...

Syl, what a cute lovable bakpao ,, (^^,)

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Cute Little Bento: Thank you... :h:

sesilya halim mengatakan...

syl,cute pao....jadi pengen buat...hahahahaa...

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Sesilya Halim: Makasii Mbak...buat atuuuhh...pasti bisa lebih bagus and lebih enaakk :h:

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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