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Cute Bento #43: Kuma or Mouse (???) Bento

Hisashiburi da ne! Long time no see…sorry I disappeared for almost 1 month. A few days after I came back from Jogja I had a fever. After I recover I lost the mood for making bento.
During disappeared, I was busy with applying jobs and interviews. I was very lucky because I get this job in the second interview. So starting Monday I will be working in a bank. I hope all is going smooth.
So far I have made two bentos, but I'm not too satisfied with the results. The bentos are very good, but not too cute. This bento was taken using the camera phone, that’s why it’s a little bit blurred.
Inside the bento box: corned beef fried rice, tamagoyaki corned beef, boiled broccoli, strawberries and candied mango.
Ja itadakimasu!

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2 komentar:

mama elaine mengatakan...

Love your new design! Finally, you came up with cute bento again. Welcome back.. :)

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Mama Elaine: Hehehe, thank you mbak. Tadaima (I'm home) ^o^)/

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