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Cute Bento #44: Mouse?Bear? I don't know, but it's still a bento

Long time no see…!
This week I entered the third week of work ... so far, I still love my job. Hmm ... one thing that did not enjoy from working, less time cook! pucca_love_11 I come home at night and too tired to do anything. In week-end I do not always have free time.
Back to bento, somehow I always fail to make onigiri with fried rice. The shape must be not good pucca_love_16. That’s why I don’t know what to name this bento, is it mouse or bear? hahaha. Anyone has experience the same thing?
Inside the box is fried rice onigiri (whatever shape it is), steamed broccoli, heart shape apple, strawberries and boiled beef tongue. I just boiled the beef tongue with garlic and celery and it’s already taste really good pucca_love_17. Err... but perhaps Americanswon’t like eating beef tongue jelir.
Ja, itadakimasu. Mata ne ^o^)/

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4 komentar:

Cooking Gallery mengatakan...

I still think it looks cute :)! Salam kenal, I just stumbled upon your blog today and love it :D)!!

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Cooking Gallery: Thank you so much CG! Nice to know u :) i just drop by ur blog...I love ur bento creation :D

nyai dachimah mengatakan...

i thought they're mice. but then i changed my mind after seeing your post decorated with pucca head. i think they're puccas, without the red ribbon on their hair. hahahaha

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ nyai dachimah: hahahaha...I didn't notice that it looks like Pucca. At least now i know how to make Pucca's head :D

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