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Cute Bento #57: Pirate Bento

Konnichiwa~ !

Minna genki?

Today’s bento was inspired by Akinoichigo’s Bento and I named it “Pirate Bento”. As I mentioned before I copy her idea several times since I really adore her creative idea :D
The menu is quite simple, there are “Nasi Gurih” molded by hand and decorated with nori and cheese, spicy tamagoyaki, and then fried broccoli and sausages.

If you notice, I put my own designed mug as back ground property. The design was simple, I just put several cute foods that usually packed in bento like onigiri, flower shaped carrot, octopus shaped sausages and many more. I also put my logo in it ^^

By the way I bundled together some of my old bento picture just for fun…and the result is quite pretty ^^

Ja, yoi ichinichi o ~ !

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2 komentar:

Bentobird mengatakan...

Cute bento and I'm in love with your adorable custom mug!

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ Bentobird: Thank you Jenn! The customized mug was inspired by CG (Cooking Gallery). But after I try to make one design, I think making cute mug design is more difficult than making cute bento :c:

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