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Cute Bento #49: Crab Couple Bento

Aahhh…I feel so bored today. I got diarrhea since Thursday so I couldn’t go to work nor have fun pucca_love_16. But thank God I got better after I went to doctor.
So, a little update about me, I spent this month salary for shopping…a lot! I bought Kaerenmama’s 3rd edition book (the one with free puncher, cutters and food pick) and some mini punchers. Beside bento tools I also bought a new high heels and a shirt. Feel so happy when I got it, not happy when have to pay it sengihnampakgigi. Hahaha A~ I wonder how I can survive this month… doa
Ah, just want to give some info for moms or bento lovers who understand Indonesian language there’s a Bento Club in FB and its fun! We share a lot of tips and info about bento, encourage each other, and also we’ll have kind of monthly challenge. Right now we also have bento contest for club members, the prize is sponsored by one of bento tools online shop. Don’t hesitate to join because the winner will be selected randomly, so everybody have a chance to win! Just click this link to join Bento Club. kenyit
Bento’s menu: rice (decorated with egg sheet and nori), stir fry broccoli with big red chili, homemade crab nugget and strawberry.
Ja, itadakimasu!

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2 komentar:

smilingshasa mengatakan...

wow it's really cute
what are those crabs made of?
it's pink and blue
I really cannot guess
but I bet they are yummy

Get well soon

Sysyl mengatakan...

@ smilingshasa: Thank you Sasha, it'svery nice of you...The crab is made from egg with a little bit flour and water, it's like "dadar" with food coloring :)

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